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來自專業醫師推薦 Recommendation from medical doctors


獲得 張雅宜皮膚科的張雅宜醫師

博士診所張成源醫師  聯合推薦

#無香精  #無防腐劑  #少即是好 的產品

No chemical perfume, no preservatives, less is more


推薦好友 你跟新朋友都可以收到NT$50元購物金喔! >>推薦辦法





Recommend friends to complete the registration during the event period, and friends will receive 50 yuan shopping credit, which can be used when shopping. (valid for 30 days)
If a friend completes an order of more than 1,000 yuan through the referral link, the referrer will receive NT$100 yuan in shopping credit. The more referrals, the more earning~

If you recommend to the same friend, you can get up to 1 reward, and if you recommend to a friend who does not repeat, you can continue to get the reward.
The promo code is valid for 30 days after receipt.
There is no order amount limit on the use of the promo code, and each order can be used only once!

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